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ADHD Parenting Power Hour (free): We will explore some common parenting challenges with ADHD young people, and use a strength-based approach. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions, and participant interaction is encouraged!

ADHD: A Neurodivergent Perspective (low cost): We will explore this complex neurobiological diagnosis from a lived-experience perspective. We’ll cover topics around transitions, routines, sleep, school/work, behaviour challenges and much more!

Executive Functions Unlocked: Mastering Our Mind’s Toolkit (low cost): What actually are Executive Functions and how do them impact ADHDers’ daily life? We will explore these often challenging mental thinking skills and review various (realistic) strategies we can employ to support them.

Sensory Sensitivity in ADHD: Understanding the Connection (low cost): During this webinar we will explore challenges often associated with ADHD, from a sensory perspective. We will explore various support strategies that can be utilized from this perspective as well.

Co-regulation Foundations: Building Family Connection and Self-Regulation (low cost): In this webinar we will focus on the pillars of co-regulation, and strategies we can use today! It will support an understanding of the bridge to self-regulation skills.

Summer Break: A Blueprint for Success (free): Summer, like any unstructured, or less structured time, can be especially difficult for ADHDers. In this free webinar we will explore ways to set ADHDers up for success!